Thursday, March 2, 2017

Governor Moonbeam: "I Demand We Put 40,000 Prisoners Back On Our Streets!"

Gov. Moonbeam: I Demand We Put 40,000 Prisoners Back on Our Streets—Who Needs Safety? – IOTW Report
Spineless and braindead Governor Moonbeam has caused the death of several officers after he signed AB 109 into law last year.  Southern California lost an LA County Deputy from Lancaster (Sgt Steve Owen), 2 Police Officers from Palm Springs (Jose Gilbert Vega and Lesley Zerebny who had just come back from maternity leave, giving birth to a baby
girl), and Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer, all within less than a year since Governor Moonbeam signed AB 109 into law.  The suspect in the gunning down of officer Keith Boyer, Mikey Mejia eerily resembles Governor Moonbeam, as if he could be an adopted great grandson of his.  Moonbeam seems to be proud of his accomplishments of AB 109.  Moonbeam and his drunk sidekick Gaffing Gavin are braindead apes.

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