Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Blast From The Past: 2014 The Political Jungle…

The Political Jungle: Trey Gowdy ASSWUPPIN

When you look back at this, this was the start of things to come.  God was paving the road for Donald Trump when this came about.  Wait until you read Lester Liberalmann's comments where he prophecies that the GOP had no chance at the White House until 2024.  That was quite ripe, Pookie Toot Toot!  Hey Pookie Toot Toot, how did those turds taste when you had to eat them on election night?  Did they give you a tingle in your tenderloins?  Your boi Chrissie fried his microscopic brain that night.  Your Disqus comments live on in screen caps.

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