Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Whittier Officer Keith Boyer Dies: The Blood Is On Your Hands And Head, Moonbeam And Gaffing Gavin!

Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer died at UCI Medical Center from gunshot wounds he received after being shot by a murder suspect involved in a traffic accident. Boyer and his partner both got shot by a murder suspect who had just fled a murder scene in Los Angeles in the murder victim's car. Both officers fired back, injuring the suspect, referred to as "Mikey" by the LA County Sheriff's Department.
Governor Moonbeam, the blood of this officer is on your hands! You and your liberal dingbat thugs in the State Senate and Assembly allowed vicious thugs to roam the streets by squandering tax revenue on your hair-brained schemes you call necessary projects. Your so called High Speed Rail Project aka the Kookoo Train to Nowhere, your flushing the delta to save a smelt fish at the expense of farmers and your cow fart dairy regulations have driven out businesses from California, causing the revenue shortage and job losses. Your brain-dead schemes allow thugs like Mikey Mejia to terrorize the public and endanger our lives.

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