Friday, February 10, 2017

An Open Letter To Liberals On Facebook

Mystere, Donkey's Revenge and I have something to say to Conservatives, Liberals and moderates on Facebook and other social media. Mystere addressed the Conservatives earlier. I'm going to address Liberals on Facebook and other social media I've seen a number of Liberals thinking it's smart to throw temper tantrums by demonstrating, threatening others and blocking emergency vehicles from getting to hospitals. They think they're making a point by dressing up in their silly vagina costumes. YOU LIBERALS ARE ONLY MAKING IDIOTS OUT OF YOURSELVES! You're only screwing yourselves over by listening to the dingbats who feed you their looney tripe. While you're making public fools of yourselves, you're destroying common sense, losing all credibility and destroying all civility. You have no respect from the conservative folks because you alienated the conservative community by hurling baseless insults. And to top it off, you insulted the Almighty God with your arrogance.
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