Friday, February 10, 2017

An Open Letter To "Moderates" On Facebook And Other Social Media

Rattrapper, Mystere and I have something to say to Conservatives, Liberals and moderates on Facebook and other social media. They asked me to address the "moderate" gang. I noticed numbers of "Conservatives" on Facebook and blog sites saying it would be great to see California suffer a catastophe and not get help from anyone. Many of them wish harm and death upon everyone living in California, gloating with glee over such an idea. At the same time, Liberals engage in protests, hoping someone assassinates Donald Trump, Mike Pence and others in the GOP. They go on Twitter, spreading hate while accusing the GOP of being hatemongers. The same liberals engage in violent acts, wishing as much harm as they can against conservative groups. Then, there are so called "moderates" doing nothing to make things better for anyone. The moderates sit around, saying nothing to either side. Let me ask you guys what are you planning to do to make things better for the USA? It's time to unite and support the President.
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