Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Will You Quench Our Thirst Today? William Shatner Has A Thought Provoking Idea...



Some people may be laughing at William Shatner, saying he has really gone off the deep end with his proposal, but I must say that Shatner has a point worth thinking about. Shatner's proposal is actually a starting point to find some kind of solution to relieve the drought conditions California faces at this moment. What Shatner is really saying is this: California (and other states) needs to address the drought cycles we face and have some way to relieve the drought on an ongoing basis.

Shatner went after Governor Moonbeam's pet project "KooKoo Train To Nowhere" calling it a foolish waste of resources while California continues to suffer from a serious thirst.

Moonbeam's sidekick has done nothing to stop Moonbeam's KooKoo Train To Ruins except to grunt about getting his wineries in Napa dried out, leaving his grape crops thirsting for water.

Moonbeam continues to think he can eat plenty of vegetables and live to ride on his KooKoo Train To Ruins, not thinking about how the drought will dry up the farms and shrivel the produce crops as the farms go belly up.

Meanwhile, Gaffing Gavin hangs out at his wineries in Napa, getting drunk on his wine, doing nothing to knock some sense into Moonbeam's head.

In 2014, Neel Kashkari warned us that Moonbeam would continue to railroad his way around and not do anything helpful to help quench California's thirst for water. The only thirst Moonbeam quenches is his thirst for power.

In the meantime, Governor Moonbeam has issued his FATWA to bully the city of Newport Beach by demanding they cut back their water usage by 35% or more.

Moonbeam's hidden motive in his FATWA is to punish those in Orange County who dared to back Kashkari in an attempt to oust the senile bald hippie called Moonbeam from Sacramento.

Moonbeam continues to believe his grand delusion that he can continue to sell his ballooning blunders to the public and blame it on the GOP without a soul noticing it. The funny thing is that even liberal William Shatner smells the monkey poop and calls him out on it.

Shatner realizes his proposal is likely not the real solution, but only an idea that can be a starting point to find a real decent solution to help quenche the thirst from the drought. Shatner knows there are many environmental and engineering issues to deal with, and has said we must put more efforts into figuring out how to deal with issues such as aging mains that break, and how to desalinate water and use it to water crops and provide potable water to everyone in California. Unlike the bald senile hippy occupying Sacramento, Shatner has something worth looking into.

Shatner has something of substance while Moonbeam and Gaffing Gavin have nothing but flatulence being burped out!
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