Friday, April 10, 2015

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Moonbeam Leaves Conservatives Out To Dry Part 2: Behind The Drying Out Of Newport Beach

Moonbeam heeds another liberal dogwhistle call out against the GOP by demanding that Newport Beach cut its water use by 35% while others cut back only by 25%!

Something is quite suspicious here. Moonbeam tells everyone else to cut back 25% but tells a conservative city that has shown itself to be an environmentally conservationist area to cut back more than their fair share of water. Moonbeam is bullying Newport Beach residents while he squanders water and taxes on his kookoo train to nowhere. Wait a minute...Neel Kashkari is from the Newport Beach area! Moonbeam is trying to stick it to Kashkari by sending his thugs out to dry out Newport Beach!

Meantime, he lets his sidekick Gaffing Gavin hang out at the wineries in Napa, telling him he can be drunk and run the state at the same time! Way to go Moonbeam!

While you're at it Moonbeam, tell Kountry Klub Kami to get up and do her job!

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