Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hurry Up Commiecast! PULL THE PLUG!

WHAT'S THIS?????????? Commiecast might yank the plug on MSNBC????? Oh my! Just how did this happen?

Oh my! Please don't say this! Really now? These 4 are to blame???? Oh Please! Please say that's not true! Why these are 4 of the most honest patriotic Americans the USA ever had!!!! They never lie, cheat or steal!!!! Why, they hold family values down to the very core!!!! Please say this is a very bad dream!!!! Shall we meet the highly patriotic 4 with highly wholesome family values?

Alfie boy?? How are you "reverend"? Why you lost plenty of weight, running away from the IRS, cheating them out of your fair share of taxes...what? You have to pay off your mistresses to shut them up about the diseases you got while cheating on your wife???? Oh, how's your race hustling business doing? Are you raking in the bucks by stirring turds around?

Why hello there Rachel! How's your life been? The buzz is you're going to bust a move with a new dance called the Madcowrena. By the way, is your partner making you go bat crazy? Hmmm...why not do your madcowrena in front of the camera for old times sake to She Drives Me Crazy. Now where did those Fine Young Cannibals go? Chrissie! Did you chase them away with a thrill up your L'eggs again?

Heads up Ed! OOPS! Too late!

Ed, now don't go off while you're on live! After all, you tend to raise a big stink when you get ticked off!

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