Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama Whoppers

What do Barack Hussein Obama and Burger King have? WHOPPERS!

Unlike Burger King however, B
arack Obama's whoppers don't taste good!

With Burger King, you know what
you're getting when you get a whopper. It tastes good, and goes down smoothly! When you get an Obama whopper, it is gritty, full of garbage, and leaves you with an upset stomach.

Why is Obama telling us that he never supported a government plan health care, when he is on video, stating such a position? Why does he lie about Obamacare, and says he never supported single payer healthcare? Why does he say AARP supported him, when they didn't?

Why does he lie, saying a surgeon gets $50,000 for amputations, when the surgeons only get $750.00 to $1,100.00 for such surgeries?

Obama, stop lying through your teeth! Your whoppers are overcooked, dry, and sickening to the core. By the way, your nose is growing...I think you need some plastic surgery to correct it.

Perhaps you know of a good doctor for it?