Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moonbattery in the House: "Scare Force One"

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!!!! "We're going to do a 'photo-op' over New York City...but don't tell the public!" OH MY!! The left wing never mind their manners, do they? They thought it would be a brilliant idea for a photo-op by flying low over New York City without notifying mayor Michael Bloomberg and the public. But the folks of New York City aren't laughing! While the left wing flew out of the "bat-cave" with this half-baked stunt, they dumped a bunch of cannon fodder for the political enemies of the United States to use in future attacks against us. Already, we have 3 women journalists overseas being held as alleged spies for the United States, and they're being used as pawns by the axis of evil. Presidents Ahmidinejad and Kim have used Roxanna Saberi, Euna Lee, and Laura Ling as a trophy for them to thumb their noses at us. And now, you can bet terrorists will be using Obama's stupid fly-by stunt to use against us. Hey, even the New York Democrats are ticked off! Yes, those runts who helped Obama get into office are ticked at this one! OH MY!! OOH MY!!! OOOH MY!!!!