Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bill Handel - "I Don't Get This Tea Party Thingy!"

What is it with Bill Handel? I often agree with him on a huge number of things he says on either his show or his appearance on Good Day LA, but this has go me shaking my head. On Wednesday April 15 2009, he went on GDLA and said the only the rich are getting hurt with higher taxes and that everyone else has lower taxes. Oh really Bill? I can swear that my taxes went up, and I'm not one of those rich folks either! The moonbats have raised the taxes through the roof, and they'll find every which way they can to have what I'll call a "pee party"! They're hosing the regular folks with their own streams of moonbat urine by piling huge heapings of pork into spending bills that will only make themselves rich at the expense of those of us who work hard for the money. I nearly went through the roof when Bill made his comments on the tea parties going on throughout the nation! Thankfully, I've had 24 hours to calm down and be a bit more least I won't shoot off in anger now.

Bill, if you're reading this, I work behind the scenes in talk radio, so I'm giving you a bit of professional courtesy here. Prove to all of us that you're not a RINO, for you often have good things to say on the air. You're not a kookoo like the folks on AirAmerica such as Ogreman and Madcow!


Anonymous said...

I'm coming to the conclusion that all these radio personalities are "owned" by the station operators. They are allowed to have some independent thought and personality, but when it comes to certain issues they are owned/controlled, be it written in their contract, or by an unwritten understanding. All these guys get good paychecks, and if it takes "staying in line" to keep the checks coming than so be it, right? In conclusion, they are allowed to go right instead of left, but just enough to continue the left/right paradigm, and never enough to break through it and enlighten their audience to reality. Ever notice how they act like they know everything, and even more scary, how those who call in usually believe the hosts know all the answers to their questions? Just my 2 pennies.