Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California Has A Strong Backbone!

Hooray for Miss California! This woman has a strong backbone! When Carrie Prejean faced the question on Gay Marriage, she had the guts to take a stand, and say that she believes marriage should be between a man and woman. Good for you Carrie! Keep on the path of the straight and narrow! You Go Girl!!

Now for the flip side: That flaming pinko cry baby Perez Hilton had to launch a tirade, saying that he would have taken the tiara from Carrie, had she been crowned Miss USA! That's hardly a manly thing to do...oh but I must remember this...maybe it would be fitting for Perez to wear that tiara in a certain kind of parade?

And by the way, calling Miss California the b-bomb that rhymes with snitch or witch isn't a manly thing to do, Perez! Were you looking in the mirror when you made that remark? There are a few choice words I'd like to call you, but I've been restraining myself on my blog site.

Perez, be a real man, not a flaming Moe!


Polar Bear's FrozenIceDenSexyBlogThingy said...

Wow, just wow. That's gotta be the most offensive, homophobic statement I've read in a long time. What I don't understand is why Perez Hilton is being attacked over this. I feel the chick is the one who needs to be attacked for her offensive, close minded views.

Let's go back to 1967. Let's say the question, instead of involving homosexual marriage was about interracial marriage(which was a hot topic during the Civil Rights movement). The question is "Do you think a white and black person should be allowed to get married?" and her response is exactly the same, except she thinks blacks and whites should not marry, would it be wrong if a black judge on the panel responded to that answer negatively? I think it is WRONG that someone is being attacked for speaking out against blatant discrimination.

And anyone who thinks Perez Hilton is a "whiney homosexual who needs to shut up" and this monster in a dress is "great for what she said" needs to take my latest Polar Bear Challenge. Come on over to Cleveland Foxers and read this article. It is about an 11 year old boy who committed suicide after repeatedly being called "gay" by other children. What the hell is wrong with this world, strike that, this COUNTRY(as other countries are more evolved with the issue of homosexuality) when we have CHILDREN using "gay" as a pejorative. There's no doubt that this bullying by using the word "gay" is rooted in the belief by many that homosexuals are "less" than heterosexuals and they should not be allowed to marry. And if parents repeat the statement you made above along with the gender stereotypes in front of their kids, you have what caused the bullying that ultimately led to that boy's suicide. It's time to take a long look at our attitudes and make a serious attitude adjustment when it comes to how we treat homosexuals.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Polar Bear,

I do agree with you on some points, such as the kid who took his own life. It's too bad that others taunted him, that's not cool! Now what I'm tired of are those militant homosexuals who parade themselves around, acting like a bunch of prima donnas, mocking those who take a stand for morality. Perez Hilton acted like a spoiled snide brat with his hate filled bigoted tirade; it's one thing to peacefully disagree with Carrie Prejean; it's another to spew hatred rants against her. That act has gotten me boiling beyond livid! Perez could have taken a better stance and been at least respectful, but he chose to open his big fat bigoted mouth like a fool. Carrie spoke her mind with dignity and respect, which is another reason why I honor her.

Polar Bear, I am a racial minority, and I resent these folks who compare themselves to being a racial minority; it's one thing if they choose to live the way they do, but to force themselves on the public? Now that's what has gotten people to protest.

I have friends who are gay, and they know that I will treat them with dignity.

Thanks for stopping by; good to hear from you!

Natus5 said...

I find it hard to believe that you have any gay friends. It seems like you religious whack jobs always resort to claiming that you have some gay friends when you're called out on your homophobia. And if I'm wrong and you really do have a friend who is gay, it's probably because they have never read your blog. It is so full of homophobic hatred that no self-respecting gay person would hang around with you after knowing your true feelings.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


I could have really gone off on Perez Hilton's nasty and unmanly hate filled temper tantrum he threw at Carrie Prejean. My main mission is to expose the truth, and the truth is not pretty this time! Obviously this one has struck a sore nerve with you. My gay friends know that I don't approve of homosexuality, and they also know that I will have their back if they're unjustly attacked. I don't condone the parades, yet I will go to bat for them, if they get unjustly censored in a debate.

What Perez Hilton said was absolutely disgusting, and I won't tolerate his rant. When he got vulgar and verbally attacked Carrie Prejean, he crossed the line, plain and simple! I had to hold back plenty of choice words when I posted my latest could have been just as bad or worse than what Hilton said.

By the way, seriously think about what you say about Christian folks. On the day you die, if what we're saying is correct, then you will have no way to defend yourself for your actions when you face God. I'm just giving you a heads up; of course it's your choice on what you want to do. I chose to be thief number 2 on the cross alongside Jesus Christ...the thief who asked for mercy...thief number 1 taunted Jesus and God. You have a choice...the ball is in your court. I look forward to hanging out with Miss California when the time comes.

Natus5 said...

Having looked over most of the homosexuality related posts on your blog I can guarantee you that while you may know some gay people they do not consider you a friend. As far as being condemned to hell for speaking ill of the likes of you I'm not worried. If you truly represent the views of God than why would anybody want to spend eternity in Heaven? By the way, before you start with your signature homo insults, I'm not gay. I'm married with children, but what struck a nerve was your bigoted, self-righteous confidence that you should have the right to deny others the right to live their lives as they see fit. So fuck you and your make-believe God. He exists only in your mind. I wonder if Miss California would consider it heaven if she knew she was going to have to spend eternity with you?

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


You've bought into the huge lie that GLAAD, NAMBLA, Queer Nation, and other HETEROPHOBES have been preaching to the public for many years that you must agree with every one of their beliefs - that one is a bigot if one opposes homosexual acts and their agenda. Hating the act doesn't mean you hate the person. Homosexuality is a BEHAVIOR, a behavior that I don't condone.

As for what got me ticked off, it was Perez Hilton's foolish vile rant. A gentleman wouldn't treat a woman the way Hilton did. Hilton's remarks were absolutely vile and disgusting; he opened the Pandora's box for many bloggers who found his actions unmanly.

By the way, I could have slammed Hilton with plenty of insults, but I held back from doing so. What I said here was tame, compared to what I could have said.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

By the way, for all who noticed a deleted comment, I had posted a reply, but it had some typos. My reply before this one is the reply with corrections.