Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is Southwest Radio Church Ministries A Modern Day Pharisee?


I just came across a blog obviously hatched from someone at Southwest Radio Church Ministries launching another cheap attack against Rick Warren. I know this is a blog from 2 years ago, but with the death of Noah Hutchings, I believe it's time to set the record straight.

As I've noticed, these pro Southwest Radio Church bloggers have done the cowardly thing by keeping their comments closed. Yes, I'm calling them out! It's cowardly to smear a man who is willing to dialogue with others by not having the balls to face him face to face and talk things out and settle the differences. Unfortunately, Noah Hutchings stubbornly refused to meet with Rick Warren when he had the chance to do so.

In the smear piece, the henchwoman mentions there was a Southern California station that asked SWRC to give a heads up when they spoke out to smear Rick Warren. I was one of the employees of that station who had the job of monitoring SWRC's program content to make sure they didn't get away with their smear campaign. They did everything they could to attack and stab Rick Warren with blatant lies about his ministry out of their jealousy of not gaining younger listeners to their stuffy old radio program.

Now, don't get me wrong, but I'm not saying that SWRC is a ministry that should not be on air. As much as I despised their tactics, Noah was still a believer in Jesus Christ, and he is now with God Almighty. I don't doubt that he is saved from burning in hell. Noah Hutchings was not perfect, like the rest of us, but his tactics could have destroyed the reputation of another servant who did God's will. Hutchings sadly was too stubborn for his own earthly good, and his followers have attempted to destroy another servant's reputation.

And yes, I did write about another minister and his wife attacking Rick Warren and his ministry: Jack Van Impe. He and Noah Hutchings have been 2 of many who attacked Warren. Noah Hutchings blindly grasped for strawmen by baselessly accusing Warren of getting lawyers to order him from speaking out against him. Rick Warren DID NOT HIRE LAWYERS TO STOP SWRC FROM LAUNCHING THEIR SMEAR ATTACKS. Hutchings was so blind to his own big ego, and other radio stations saw through the infantile temper tantrums he threw, when Rick Warren had success. As a broadcast outlet employee who helped launch Warren's radio ministry, I saw the jealousy SWRC had, since we carried both ministries on air. SWRC demanded that Warren's show not be placed next to their show as well in the Southern California market. I was one of the operators who had to follow and honor their childish demands, lest Noah threw an infantile hissyfit over it. I was forbidden to play a Daily Hope promo after the show preceding SWRC. That is how bad and jealous Noah Hutchings was. And sadly, his henchwoman attacked Fox News baselessly in her smear piece.

I certainly hope in the future, SWRC will stop their sinful haughty self righteous attitude and focus on God's will exclusively. SWRC has some fine staff members like Jerry, who was a peacemaker between the stations and the self righteous pharisee Hutchings. Again, don't get me wrong. As much as he rubbed people the wrong way, I know he meant well. Hutchings and I agreed about Israel. That was one area where I agreed with him highly, and it was one of his redeeming things.

By the way, Hutchings sounded like a parrot whenever he'd start the show with the gong and his announcement "GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE, AND PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! THIS IS NOAH HUTCHINGS, WITH ANOTHER WATCHMAN ON THE WALL BROADCAST OF SOUTHWEST RADIO CHURCH!"
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