Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chucky Hagel Charges At 0bama


H/T to Mike at Mike's America blog for the heads up

The RINO has charged at 0bama! Chucky Hagel has gotten tired of 0bama bending over and passing gas into his face.

0bama's stinky flatulence and bullying got old for Chucky. Chucky's spineless act of bowing down to the brainless emperor took its toll when Muslim terrorists started invading the United States after 0bama made the USA look like spineless wimps.

When Chucky became lucid and started to grow a spine, 0bama forced Hagel to resign from his post. As expected, 0bama appointed another spineless puppet to do his dirty work.

0bama tried to make his pet RINO Chucky Hagel look like a court jester. Instead, 0bama got charged at, and is now licking his wounds.

Poor Barry! He doesn't look too healthy here! Chucky must have gotten him from behind! CHAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGE!

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