Saturday, March 1, 2014

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Barack 0bama's Pet RINO Chucky Hagel - Part Duh!

Chucky Hagel has charged! 0bama's pet RINO has gone after the Defense Department, destroying our security by proposing to destroy our ground troup security by choking off the flow of much needed cash they need to stay alive. This brainless pet RIN0 of Urkel 0bama has stuck the knife into the backs of our armed forces. Chucky the pet RIN0 thinks all we need are high tech gadgets to stay secure and win our battles. See what's coming with Urkel running the country for a second term? Way to go Chucky! And do you know who the moonbats will blame when we face the ultimate disaster? Why the GOP of course! After all, they say their dimwit in the White House can do no wrong, so the GOP becomes the scapegoat with Chucky the Pet RIN0 leading the charge! Meantime, the head moonbat gets to grunt around and get off with a pass. In January 2013, I warned you about 0bama's pet RIN0, and now it's coming back, charging at us head on!
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