Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fred Is Dead!

Freddy Kruger Phelps has croaked!  Yes, that creep who called himself a pastor has eaten dust!  Fred Phelps Sr. died in a Topeka Kansas hospice.
Normally I wouldn't gloat about this, but that hate monger has done so much damage to the Christian community, so it's a relief to see his carcass going six feet under.  Hmm...maybe the family will burn his body up and perhaps we should all have a barbecue?
I'll spare you from the nausea by not posting a mug of this creep on this blog.  I just hope he changed his mind before he met the Almighty Creator.  If he did, at least he will make it into heaven, albeit having a stench of smoke with him.  After all, our God has plenty of mercy besides justice, and He doesn't want anyone to fall victim to Satan.  It would be a pity to feed the pig, if you know what I mean.
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