Friday, October 4, 2013

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Is A Sick Left Wing Extremist Liberal Ogre

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has once again proven himself to be a left wing extremist liberal ogre.  This time, he refuses to help a needy family who cannot afford medical treatments for their child who is extremely ill with cancer.  Reid has gone on his left wing extremist political diatribe, blatantly lying to the public by accusing the GOP of cherry picking things to fund in the next budget.  Reid doesn't give a rat's petoot about a child who may be dying of cancer, and brazenly uses the child to push his left wing extremist policies onto the public.
Way to go Harry Reid!  Just remember when your grandkids get stricken with cancer and your sons and daughters' state exchange insurance refuses to pay for 0bamascare, you set that movement in motion.
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