Saturday, October 12, 2013

Democrat Highway To Hell

The left wing poop flinging continues, as Senate Majority Jackass Leader Hairball Reid aka Roscoe the Dimwit Sheriff and his head boss Bury 0bama aka Boss Hogg continue to make the public miserable.  Hairball first closed down experimental cancer treatment centers to make a young boy suffer and possibly die while his parents went through the agony of not knowing whether he would live.  Next, Hairball Roscoe and his Boss Hogg refused to help the families of fallen soldiers with the expenses of funerals and other necessities, then tried to block private businesses and charities from picking up the tab.  In the meantime, Hogg 0bama's thug minions bullied tourists at closed monuments and memorials by using thug tactics on them and holding them like prisoners.  Then they tried to shut down Interstate 495 near DC as truckers across the country staged a convoy of protests to DC.  And now, they shut down WIC and the food stamps program in hopes of starving people in order to bribe them to become one of their blind sheep followers.
Before the shutdown, I had a strange sense that one of the desperate moves this administration would try to pull off would be to shut down all US and Interstate Highways and their entrances and exits in all 50 States at once. This would be a terrrible blow to all states, and result in huge losses across the nation. In California alone, it could isolate communities such as those along the US Highway 395. Places like Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Crowley Lake and Bridgeport could be cut off from every other town along the highway. If all entrances and exits from the 395 were blocked, they would be in serious trouble. The same thing would apply to those along Interstate 5 and US Highway 101: If the Feds block all access and exit points to these roads, Pacific Coast Highway would be closed off at the points where it turns into Interstate 5 to go to San Diego, and it would be cut off in Ventura County and further north to Monterey County. Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo would be seriously affected. With I5 shut down, all places from the Canadian Border to Mexico would be affected. If I-10 were shut down, all places from Jacksonville Florida to Santa Monica and Los Angeles California, San Bernardino County California, Riverside County California, Arizona and others along the route would be severely affected. I hope I'm mistaken and that this never comes forth to fruition. 

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