Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Kind Of Rat Is Choomly 0bama?

Good ol' Texas Fred has brought up a good point in one of his latest posts, where 0bama and his scandal clowns have given the Southwest a big shove.  He keeps denying Texas any federal aid for the disasters they've faced, saying it's not enough to justify giving any help.

Of course, the ass clowns hate Texas.  Texas doesn't take any kind of bull spit the 0bamas and the other liberal cows moo out.  Fred and I agree that there is a huge rabid rat with moonbat rabies running around on its last legs, flapping its wings in desperation, as scandals erupt like a hot volcano.  The probes up their L'eggs have been as painful as a Chrissi Matthews tingle in their scrotums.
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