Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kim Jong Un's War On Women

If there is something much worse than the libtards that run the United States, it's NOKO's commie leader Kim Jong Un's War On Women.  It seems that little Kimchi takes bribes from border guards when his citizens try to flee from his wasteland cabbage patch to a profitable South Korea.  He tries to punish the women who flee by making them into cannon fodder for his army.
The Democrats can learn a lesson or two from this commie pinko from North Korea:  stop falsely accusing conservatives of waging a war against women!  That pinko from North Korea abuses women in the worst way possible:  making them his cannon fodder slaves!  NOW and the other radical feminist groups must be very proud of little Kimchi!  He gives women an opportunity to have their heads violently blown off in combat!
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