Saturday, March 9, 2013

Berkley Libtard Proposes Email Tax

Meet Berkley councilmoonbat Gordon Wozniak.  Moonbat Wozniak in his typical liberal idiocy wants to tax your emails to subsidize the failing US Postal Service.  This clueless moonbat fails to address the cause of the Postal Service's demise:  bloated fat pensions.  Gordo the moonbat clown wants to feed the fat pigs with typical moonbat slop.
What did Wozniak season his kielbasa and dill pickles with?  What's in his cabbage?  The moonbat secret ingredient has taken full effect on him.  His moonbat hooch has left him in a typically drunken moonbat stupor.  Will the other moonbat zombies follow his failed moonbat policy?
Wookie-boy, stop the embarassment!  Moonbeam has been bad enough.  Stop making California a huge laughing stock!
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