Thursday, March 15, 2012

Will Chrissi Matthews ever apologize to Conservatives?

Will liberal left wing Chrissi Matthews ever apologize to Conservatives for the smears he cawed out of his beak?  Don't bet the farm on any kind of apology.  Chrissi boi keeps feeling a thrill up his scrotum whenever he blabs another big fat lie from his big fat carcass!  While he and his political bed buddy Keith Olbermann speak from their scrotum, they continually fart out their smelly gases over some of the smartest women in the media.  Let the clowns scat up a huge pile.  They can have all they want...sane people will eat decent food.  By the way, conservative women have beauty and brains to go with it!  We have Michelle Malkin, Sarah Heath Palin and Michele Bachmann for starters...wait, let's add Christine O'Donnell too!

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