Saturday, January 28, 2012

Arizona Teens "Swiss Cheese" An Obama Tee Shirt.

News has gotten out about some Peoria Arizona guys shooting up an Obama t shirt at a shooting range.  Peoria PD Seargent Pat Shearer took a picture of the teens, and has faced questioning by the Secret Service.
There are several ways to look at this.  It's freedom of speech.  The teens may not have been smart, but they have expressed their thoughts without committing a serious felony.
It's not racist.  There is no proof that race had anything to do with what the teens did.  The failed policies of Obama speak for themselves.  The liberal shrieks of racism and their childish temper tantrums scream vividly.
This is just a way to vent.  The teens have had tolerated 0bama's failed liberal policies long enough, and are tired of suffering under 0bama's epic blunders.
These are just a few thoughts among many.  I have chosen to post an uncensored picture instead.  I believe freedom to choose is very important, and back this right by choosing not to censor the picture.  I might choose to replace it later if asked.

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