Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obama Whacks Osama - Part 4: The Smackdown From Bibi!

Obama just got smacked down by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu! What happened?It turns out that Obama is trying to sell out Israel to the Arabs in exchange for having Osama Bin Laden's carcass delivered to him. This sad excuse for an @$$/_(*)\/\//\/ has just set us up for an epic disaster on our soil!

Have you noticed the disasters the United States has been facing since 0bama made this dirty deal? When Bin Laden's carcass was delivered to 0bama, the Mississippi River has overflown its banks, resulting in an epic flooding throughout the Central part of the country. Also, the Midwest has suffered the worst tornado damage in 60 years: Joplin Missouri has been destroyed at the time 0bama told Bibi to go back to the pre 1967 borders.

Let's now look out to the future: 0bama has just set up the United States for another 9/11 style attack on our soil. In fact, the @$$/_(*)\/\//\/ will probably see one on our soil before the end of 2012. The "fuzzy muzzies" the left wing extremists dream about are itching to come after us now.

Now I just found the perfect
cartoon which sums up what the dumbo has done to the United States:

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