Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gavin Newsom's Magic Car

Gavin Newsom has been blowing his hot gas all over Twitter, gloating and cawing that the U.S. Senate did the greatest thing by voting to reject the GOP Plan for drilling for oil. Where is he? Is this guy functioning with a working brain? What planet is he from? Oh wait, I know: Planet Of The Moonbats! While he thinks gay men can have babies by sodomizing each other...after all, we came from dust he reasons, he thinks the gas genie magically fills his tank when it goes on empty! Has he seen the price of gas across the nation? It's over $4.50 per gallon or higher in some states, and he says by not drilling, we're much better off?

Gavin, you haven't answered mystere's twitter question he asked you: Does your gas tank magically create gasoline when it gets low in the tank? Why haven't you replied to mystere? Was it another one of your gaffes you posted on Twitter again? You seem to put your foot in your mouth often? Does it taste good Gavin? You and Joey Biden have something in common: You both tend to gaffe alot! Are you both gaffe chickens from the same family line?
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