Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walker: Cheese Slicing Ranger...I Mean Governor!

The Cheese has rotted.  It is time to cut the rotted cheese out!  Enter Walker:  Cheese Slicing Ranger...I mean Governor.  While the Unions are having a huge temper tantrum over getting a financial circumcision, Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker is getting brutally attacked by the Wisconsin Democrats.  I just recently came across this picture from the Wisconsin Democrats website:
From the Wisconsin Democrats website.
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!  Take a look at the Red section of this picture:  You can say it's Florida, but it also looks like the outline of a handgun.  As you look at the picture, you see 2 black lines going through Scott Walker's ears.  Then in the blue area, which liberals will say is Wisconsin, it looks like it's watching and smiling!  The 2 planes are drawn in a way to look like sicles coming toward Walker in 2 directions (perhaps to chop his head).  

Next, we have 14 moonbat senators flying out of Wisconsin to Illinois to hide in their moonbat caves, so that the Wisconsin State Senate could not vote on the issue of slashing collective bargaining for the public sector unions.  It looks like a temper tantrum from a bunch of left wing extremist cry babies, to say the least.

I do have some good news about this:  It turns out that the moonbats have a gaffer among their midst.  Moonbat Brett Hulsey has opened his beak, and cawed out to the Huffington Post some details on how the Democrats plan to attack the Republicans.  Hulsey has the gall to call the Republican Party dictators.

Courtesy The Badger Herald (Photo by Meagan McCormick

Hey Brett, why don't you go out, and get your moonbat buddies out of the moonbat caves?  Did you really need to bend over and blow out some hot air, calling Republicans dictators?  While you caw out recall threats against Republicans for doing their jobs, you and the rest of the Flock Of Moonbats think you can all hide in your bat caves until it's over?

Governor Scott Walker has the guts to slice out the rotting things in the State Of Wisconsin budget.  In fact, he has the boldness of Chuck Norris aka Walker Texas Ranger.

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