Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Friend" the Department of Homeland Security? WHAAAAAATTT!!!!??????!!!!

Pajamas Media » The Department of Homeland Security Wants to Friend You?

If they want to "friend" us on Facebook, what are the consequences we'll be facing as a result?  Big Sister Napi is watching you!  These clueless dumbos in the DHS have supposedly launched a program they call "Einstein 3", which is to get rid of the color coding of terrorist threat levels, and rely on Facebook and Twitter to inform and stay informed of so called terrorist threats.  Uh Napi, do you know what you're doing?  Perhaps the name is appropriate for your idea of security:  Einstein?  What kind of name is that?  Einstein 3?  It must be appropriate for a bunch of buffoons running Homeland Security!

Napi, while I'm on the subject of Homeland Security, let me remind you of what you left behind when you took the job offer Emperor 0bama presented to you.  You left the Arizona borders open wide for America hating nutjobs who would gloat with glee in destroying the nation!  And your lib-bots poop their panties (or is it their Depends) when Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer get tough and enforce the tough immigration laws! 

Einstein 3?  Albert must be flying nuts now!

No, not him! 

This Albert!

See what you did to him Napi?

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