Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Libtards Quit Your Whiny Temper Tantrums!

My good conservative readers,

The so-called "news" media are aggressively targeting and 
attacking conservatives for political gain, and I'm not going to 
take it anymore!

I have just taken a stand with the leading media watchdog 
organization in America, the Media Research Center (MRC), by 
adding my name to their "Demand the Media End Their Attack 
Campaign Against Conservatives" petition, and I'm urging you to 
do the same by clicking here: 

Organizations like the MRC are exposing and neutralizing these 
attacks, but it is crucial for conservative Americans to take a stand 
with them and demand an end to these attempts to demonize us 
and our beliefs. Take a stand right now by clicking below and join 
with me and thousands of other conservatives who are putting the 
liberal media on notice and taking this message across the nation.

Click here to sign this important petition: 

Thanks for joining with me.
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