Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FLASH! FLASH! Eric Holder Sues to Promote Spread of AIDS

 I just got this email today, and I thought you should all see what moonbat Eric Holder is doing in "DOJ City":

This is a shocking story.  You would think government would want to limit the spread of AIDS, everywhere, especially prisons.

"Some states long ago implemented policies to protect the uninfected part of the prison population while providing exceptional medical treatment and counseling to the infected population.

In South Carolina, it has worked so well since 1998 that there has only been a single transmission of HIV/AIDS to a noninfected prisoner. All that may change, however, thanks to a threat from
Eric Holder's Justice Department.

South Carolina received a letter from the now-infamous Civil Rights Division that the policy of keeping infected inmates at a designated facility, instead of scattered across the state in the general prison population, may unfairly stigmatize infected prisoners. To the Obama political appointees in the Civil Rights Division, this constitutes discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The Justice Department objects to separate living facilities and specialized medical treatment for the HIV/AIDS prison population. Naturally, DOJ has threatened a lawsuit."

How corrupt is Eric Holder and his "Justice" Department?

"Apparently the Justice Department doesn't have the will or resources to follow through in cases against New Black Panther Party thugs brandishing weapons at polling places, but has no difficulty shaking down a state with an effective and humane policy toward prisoners.

"These folks are shameless," says John Ozmint, the no-nonsense director of the South Carolina prison system, referring to the Civil Rights Division at DOJ. He told me that every single new prisoner is tested for AIDS upon incarceration.

Ozmint says half of those testing positive never knew they were infected. The testing policy saves lives because treatment starts immediately, at state expense."

South Carolina is saving lives, stopping the spread of AIDS and all the Feds want to do is sue--just like they are suing Arizona, but have no problem with the Black Panthers, ACORN or SEIU or millions of illegal aliens stealing our national birthright.

Do we particularly care about prisoners?  Yes, they will almost all be released someday and, aside from humane considerations, they physical state they are then in effects us all.

Do you need more reasons for a regime change on November 2?  It is up to you, do not count on your neighbor.

See what that moonbat freak wants to do to all of us?  This is beyond disgusting!  This is every reason why N0BAMA will be out in 2012!  I have 0 tolerance for 0bama's failed policies!
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