Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Illegals Running Away From Arizona to Sanctuary States

Check out this email I just received:
Grassfire Nation
Arizona Update


Illegals fearful of Arizona's new "get-tough" immigration
law that goes into effect this Thursday are reportedly
selling off personal belongings and heading to liberal
sanctuary states where benefits are bountiful...

Places like California?

       "Everyone is selling up the little they have and
       leaving," said Wendi Villasenor, an illegal
       alien headed to Pennsylvania. Villasenor told
       Reuters, "We have no alternative. They have
       us cornered."

       Mystere, Arizona's solution is likely to cause
       problems-not just for neighboring states, but ALL
       states that don't have similar immigration
       policies in effect.

That's precisely why we are urging members of Grassfire
Nation to stand with us in support of Arizona's new
immigration law, and other states that are considering similar

+ +  Your Message of "No Amnesty" to California

This Thursday Grassfire Nation and ResistNet will be
participating at the National Immigration Policy Summit
in Phoenix, and we want to impress on everyone present
that grassroots Americans want tough immigration policies
in place!

This vital summit will explore ways in which your state
of California can adopt the same law that Arizona
has enacted to sweep out the illegal aliens who have
been stealing benefits reserved for citizens.

       Unless other states take up with Arizona to
       confront the swelling illegal immigration
       crisis that is choking our nation, the rights
       and benefits reserved for you and your family
       will be undermined, compromised and threatened.

That's why we are urging ALL members of our team to take
immediate action with us so that we can represent you and
your state at this important summit.

Take a moment right now to forward this message to as many
of your California friends and family - urging them
to add their names to our petition so that we can send
a message DIRECTLY to your lawmakers telling them to
enact Arizona's trailblazing path to protect our
sovereignty and way of life as well!

Have them click here now to be included:


We literally have just hours to reach our goal of 200,000
petitions and we are counting on you to help us reach our
goal by forwarding this message to your California
friends and family urging them to sign as well by clicking


We've pushed our deadline as far as we possibly can without
jeopardizing this presentation to the masses of citizens,
government officials, and media that will be present.

So don't delay. Forward this message right now to ensure
that your California, friends, family, co-workers are
all included - to ensure that a strong message can be sent
to your state lawmakers that you will not tolerate a
illegal aliens flooding into your state and threatening
your way of life.

Again, our team will be in Phoenix to represent you and
the tens of thousands of American citizens who are
demanding our border laws are enforced!

Thanks in advance for your tremendous support.

Your friends at Grassfire Nation

P.S: Unless we inspire a mighty movement whereby ALL states
in the union move to adopt Arizona's new immigration law,
California may become the next home for thousands of
illegal aliens!

Don't let that happen. Alert your California friends.
We are counting on you to help us reach our goal of 200,000
petitions before Thursday's Phoenix summit!

Grassfire Nation, a division of Grassroots Action, Inc., is a
million-strong network of grassroots conservatives that is
dedicated to equipping you with the tools that give you a real
impact on the key issues of our day.
Copyright 2009 Grassroots Action, Inc.

Note that the one illegal alien doesn't fit the so-called
Hispanic profile!  This is about ALL RACES of illegal aliens
running from the law!

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