Thursday, July 29, 2010

Half baked protests go on over SB 1070

TThe moonbats have gone pinko!  They have started spewing their half-baked brains out onto the streets, protesting the Border Protection Bill that Arizona has pushed for, and started enforcing.  Despite the loose screws inside libtard activist judge Susan Bolton (my, what a name...Bolton...should be Skruoff), Sheriff Joe Arpaio has gone on the offensive against the soft on crime pinkos!

Let's face the facts:  over 70% of the crimes committed in the United States are from illegal aliens...we have a serious problem with criminals crossing the borders!  Yet President 0bungler and his crew of nimrods want the crooks to enter into the country.  This has got to STOP!

The time has come to support Arizona!  Just how many of these protesters read the Bill, and know what it says?  ZERO!  Like in!  Liberals need to stop drinking the FoolAid!  Rock on Sheriff Joe Arpaio!
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