Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moonbats Attack Alexander Haig's Reputation

Oh, the moonbats are on their old dirty attacks again! These cowards are out smearing the reputation of a deceased patriot, with shameless and reckless abandon. Old Tommy-boy thinks he can spew out his lies without any consequences, but anyone who is politically sane knows that the Huffy-Puffy Post is nothing more than a big stinky belch from the left field of lunacy! Need I say what end they're belching from, or not? I choose to stay quiet about that!

Rest In Peace Alexander Haig! Well done faithful servant! Enter into the Joy of the Lord my good comrade!

And to you Tommy-boy, whoa to you, before you face the Almighty and hear Him say to you "Depart from Me Cursed One Into The Lake Of Fire prepared for the Devil and his angels." I hope you wise up before it's too late Tommy Shachtman!