Sunday, February 28, 2010


"LIST: 10 Most Liberal, Conservative in Congress" - Patriot Update

Here's a list of moonbats and RINOs to pour through folks!  In So-Cal, we have 2 moonbats who made the list:  Linda Sanchez and Henry Waxman!  Now, it's time we get a horsewhip out to get them out of office!  I'm ready to get into action here.  However, I'm surprised that Linda Sanchez's sister Loretta didn't make the top 10 moonbats list along with Nappihead Grace Napolitano.  Looks like Linda and Hank have an 8 way tie of being the biggest libtards in the House...will one of these 8 clowns replace Nancy Pelosi as the cackler of the Liberal House?  Wonder why Pelosi didn't make the top 10?  But I did notice that Jacko's boy Junior made the top 10!  And Vichy Goofarino's big boy Rolly Obama Burris became libtard #1 to the Senate Libtard list, in a 4 way tie!