Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where Is Al Franken Hiding From The Media, AND WHY?

Is Al Franken Hiding From the Media?
By James Hirsen
Reporters are finding that covering the freshman Minnesota senator is a bit of a challenge.
Sen. Al Franken is reportedly doing his best to dodge journalists.
Maybe it has something to do with rumors that have been circulating that the Democratic leadership told Franken to keep a low profile.
Since arriving in D.C., the former “Saturday Night Live” star has “delivered only one speech on the floor, introduced low-profile legislation and declined many media interview requests,” according to The Hill.
“It is not unusual for a freshman senator to adopt a deferential approach in a chamber that is high on decorum and seniority. But the former entertainer has gone out of his way to deflect attention away from himself,” The Hill also reported.
Wait a minute — Franken, the guy who years ago named a decade after himself, is avoiding the spotlight?
It seems, though, that The Hill criticism really got to the SNL alum. After the piece ran, he spoke out on the floor for a second time.
He also introduced a bill, which requires that at least 90 percent of health insurance premiums go toward health services, not profits.
And along with Minnesota House member Keith Ellison, Franken introduced a bill to expand the country’s free school lunch program.
Way to go, Sen. Smalley.