Saturday, October 3, 2009

Townhall Meeting - Ed Royce (R-Fullerton Ca) 40th District

I had sent out some Tweets while attending Rep. Ed Royce's Town Hall Meeting this afternoon in Cypress (Orange County California).  Ed has been one of the better Congressmen serving our nation, and has tried to hold the government responsible for the reckless behavior they have engaged in.  Ed has brought out the fact that the "mainstream media" has not been cooperative with conservatives, when they came up with solutions on how to deal with the various issues the public has brought out to the meetings.  Now, I'm going to bring out a few surprising tidbits that Ed told us at the town hall meetings, some of which may even surprise you conservatives reading this post.

At townhall meet with Ed Royce. Sen Byrd has expressed concerns over Obama appointees. What a surprise!  (My first tweet from the town hall meeting.)  Now, someone had asked Ed about what was going on with the czar appointments that Obama was dealing out like candy to a kid.  The liberal Senator Robert Byrd had expressed some serious concerns over the negligence of the Senate not doing its duty to oversee the appointments of the President over many of the appointees, to see what their background is, and what their philosophy of governing is.  If you have seen conservative tweets, you will see the concerns of communists in the White House.  Senator Byrd, of all people has concerns that Obama is being recklessly liberal in his appointments, and has voiced his concerns to the deaf ears of Harry Reid and the others in the Senate.
 Ed Royce pushing for discharge bill. (tweet 2.) Now, what is a discharge bill?  It is a bill or group of bills presented to the floor in a manner in which they must be voted on, IMMEDIATELY!  Ed and other conservatives have pushed out some bills which Nancy Pelosi and her left wing extremist thugs have snubbed for their own selfish left wing agendas.  In this tweet, Ed was merely saying that there are some bills that the conservatives pushed out, so that many waiting folks would get an answer from the Congress and Senate about issues that the public cared about, such as clean energy and health care.

Obama would be wise to listen to General heading counter intelligence in Afghanistan.  The General who is heading counter intelligence in Afghanistan is the best when it comes to counter intelligence, and he is out on the front lines with his troops.  He is asking Obama to send more troops, so that the mission will be a success.  In the meantime, Obama is sitting around like a cream puff, doing nothing but hemming and hawing over the war, and waiting for permission from the U.N. to send troops.

Byrd is concerned about sen. confirm hearings, so is Ed Royce. #constitutional erosion

Senator Byrd has the sense to realize that we need to have balance in the powers, so that one keeps things in check.  He and Ed Royce agree that the power balance is tilted dangerously towards being too liberal, and that unqualified people are getting into positions they should not be in.

This stems up the tweets I had about the town hall meeting.  One of the things we are facing is the concern over health care.  As time progresses, I will periodically fill in the blanks, and try to tip you folks off on what's happening.

Here's to one of the good guys:  Ed Royce