Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama Is A Fly Murderer...

Yes, there's been a big flap over the Emperor Of The United States: Barry is a fly murderer! The left wing extremist media has been drooling over his 1 hit wonder swat heard and seen around the world! While this buffoon swats a fly for the camera, he is bumbling around the world with his screwball policies, leaving destruction in its path! The Iranian government and North Korea are both mocking him for being a cream puff, and they think they can walk all over us. While 2 of our citizens have been falsely charged as spies in North Korea (Euna Lee and Laura Ling), Dummyhead Barry Obaka sits on his @$$ doing nothing, but acting like a creampuff wimp! Get Laura Ling and Euna Lee out of there, Obaka-san! Even the Daily Kos folks are shaking their heads about you! Yes, the Daily Kooks think you failed them Mr. Obaka!

And by the way, since the left wing media kooks called you Mr. Miyagi, regarding your fly swatt
ing, I must quote him back from the grave: Beginna's Ruck, Obaka-san!

By the way, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has the balls to tell the public what you really are, Mr. Obaka! The Huffy-Puffy Post Creamfluffs are crying over Rohrabacher's truthful remarks, along with every other left wing moonbat. I've personally met Dana Rohrabacher, and this man has guts and compassion for the common man. Obaka is a smashed creampuff!


Debbie said...

Nice picture. Obama is all words. I thought he was a citizen of the world? Can't he have a few words of support for his fellow worldly citizens in Iran and the concentration camps in North Korea?

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Dr. Dave said...

I enjoyed your take on Obugger's Flygate. I'm not self-promoting here (well, not really), but I thought you might enjoy my...ahem...response.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Good one Dr. Dave!