Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Father's Day Advice.

This morning, while I was watching Fox News Sunday before going to church, I perked up when Chris Wallace did a segment on Fathers' Day. While the left wingers focused on Creampuff Emperor Obama taking his 2 girls to some ice cream parlor in Virginia, Wallace took the time to speak with John McCain, and picked his brains about fatherhood. I think McCain had plenty of substance in his advice to fathers, when he spoke about his father trying to make him into something that he wasn't. He told the fathers of America to make sure they do things with their kids, and to make an effort to do something that the kid really likes and has a passion for. McCain spoke about some great values he learned from his father, one of them being a lover of the United States Of America. If there is one thing to remember, family values matter! You are right, Senator McCain! They matter the most! Kudos to you Senator McCain. And to all fathers, have a great rest of the Fathers' Day!