Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moonbat Radio - The Terror Continues!

The bloody terror continues! The Fairness Doctrine has reared its ugly harpy head! And just who helped rear it? Two people: a flea ridden ape known as Bill Press...yes that ding dong of a Jerry Brown stinkfaced Bill Press, and moonbat Michigan Harpy of a Senator Debbie "Stab-Me-Now" Stabenow. For the sake of some dignity, I'm holding back some choice words, especially since there might be people under 13 who will come across this site. Let me quote something from a Newsmax article "Democrats Look To Muzzle Conservative Radio" a quote from Bill Press' website (in blue): "I'm not a big fan of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. But if station owners won't act on their own to offer a mix of voices on the radio, this Congress and this new administration will find a way to force them to do so. And the sooner, the better."

Is this dumbo arrogant or what? If there were more people interested in liberal radio, then it would flourish...the real reson why liberal radio flops today is this: IT STINKS! IT STINKS TO THE PITS OF HELL! THE PEOPLE ARE BORED STIFF OF IT! The truth about radio in general is this: if it isn't entertaining enough, it will flop! I know this because I work in radio myself. The marketplace determines the success of the radio broadcasts, and frankly, liberal radio at this time doesn't cut the ratings! So why force a station to put on a bunch of losers? Here's what the Fairness Doctrine really is: CENSORSHIP!
CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIP! That's correct, CENSORSHIP! Press wants to hold the radio stations' owners accountable? Accountable for what? Having a business that generates profit and entertainment? OH THAT MUST BE A HUGE CRIME! Well, last I know, being an entrepreneur and making money has been the American way...when has it become a form of burglary? Bill Press, if you're reading this blog, please tell me when the law made it illegal to have a profitable business. After all, your days as a commentator have gone belly up! So Billy-Boy, what does your moonbat cave smell like? And how does Debbie's blood taste in your filthy mouth? CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIP!

Now, here's why you don't hear as many liberals on talk radio: THEY'RE A BUNCH OF BRAINLESS DING DONGS! RADIO LISTENERS DON'T CARE TO HEAR A BUNCH OF JERRY SPRINGLER-LIKE BRAINLESS BABOONS CACKLING AND CAWING OVER THE AIR! If there are audiences who want to hear a bunch of brainless baboons cutting pharts over the airwaves, the liberal programs will be s success! But the market place has proven it time and time again...liberal programs stink to the lowest pits of hell! We don't need to be forced to listen to a bunch of pharting over the airwaves! Harpies like Randi Rhoades have flopped and sunk their own programs! We don't want to bear the stench of their gasses...that would be unfair to us!