Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Al Franken: Tax Dodger for Jr. Senate?

Al Franken has gotten on his high horse again. He is now demanding that the Minnesota High Court to order him certified, even though he has been dodging the IRS over $50,000 in back taxes over 17 states. This tax burglar has the gall to demand the High court to certify his fraudulent turd burglary over "storming Norman Coleman". In the meantime, "Sweathog Smalley Horsass" blames his accountant of 18 years for his swindling the IRS of back taxes. Take a look at these 2 articles dated February 5 on the website: "Al Franken Wants Minn. High Court to Order Him Certified" by Dave Eberhart, and "Al Franken Admits $50,000 Tax Debt" by Ronald Kessler.

Hey Frankey: how does it feel to rob the IRS? You should be sent to prison for your crimes against the nation! You'll have a diet of beans and wieners 3 times a day...or maybe more if you get friendly with Tiny and Momo! You'll also get a huge colon cleansing while they stuff you with the dog bones!

Pawlenty, throw this sad excuse of a joker into prison!