Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Want Some Pepsi And Mountain Dew! Poor Black Lives Matter! They're feeling butt hurt after Pepsi released a commerical with Kendall Jenner giving a police officer a can of Pepsi! AWWWWWE! POOR LIBERALS! They've been knocked down a few notches! Whiny libturds! They're projecting their irrelevance now, after getting spanked again. As an ethnic minority, I can understand some past hurts some of these people have felt, but BLM is nothing more than a reverse racist group. They're flinging poo after their plans finally backfired and slapped them across their faces. Sorry BLM; you dingbats set your own booby trap and blew yourselves up. A word to Pepsico and Kendall Jenner: Don't apologize! Neither of you did anything wrong! Don't let the libtards bully you around. I'm going to buy some Pepsi and Mountain Dew now!
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