Monday, December 12, 2016

Some Thoughts From Mystere's Noggins

After the November 8th Presidential election, many liberals have been having mental meltdowns on Social Media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace (yes, that old site) SnapChat and a number of other blog sites. Some of these liberals are acting like a bunch of babies, blocking traffic, endangering lives, and falsely accusing the Russians of tampering with the election. These fools have been sold a lie from the DNC. That lie reminds me of a type told by used car salesmen.

The Chevrolet LUV was made by Isuzu for GM back in the 70s through the early 80s. It was sold as a Chevrolet when it was really an Isuzu badge engineered as a GM truck. It was perfectly legal and not a lie, since people knew it was a Japanese import. Now let's look at a hypothetical situation with this red car.
Imagine if some used car salesman at a used car dealer were to put a Cadillac badge onto this Yugo, and tried to sell it as a used Cadillac to some unsuspecting buyer. That would be a huge whopper, and a reason to put some clown into jail. The Democrats pulled off such a feat with their politics, giving the public bad and dishonest "deals" that turned out to be disasters. The public had enough, and told the DNC to screw themselves by voting for Trump. Now get over it libtards and quit wetting your pants! By the way, I have a used 2016 Compact Red Cadillac for sale real cheap. Isn't that Caddy a real beauty?

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