Sunday, November 27, 2016

"I Wanna Recount! I Wanna Recount! I Wanna Recount! HYAH GYAH GYAH GYAH, GYAH GYAH GYAH!"

Please stop, Jill! Don't play the game, hoping Hillary will steal the election and give you some loot for your temper tantrums. Hillary is not your friend. She isn't going to upright your gravy train. You're going to be played for a bigger fool when she pretends to team up with you and yanks the carpet from under you. You'll stumble and fall with her, because she won't be able to carpetbag her way into the White House. Your whining sounds like a screech from the late Dr. Gene Scott's old parishoners who threw a bunch of hissyfits when he asked them for much needed funds to stay on TV & radio in the early 80s. He once wrote a song and mocked them on the air: "HYAH GYAH GYAH GYAH, GYAH GYAH GYAH!" Believe me, it was hysterical! I only heard him sing it once, but it never left my mind. Get out of the clown suit! Mystere, Rattrapper and I are begging you to use any common sense you have, and stop the clown parade!
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