Monday, October 31, 2016

Moonbeam Wants Proposition 53 Defeated

Governor Moonbeam feels a huge painful spanking up his rear if Proposition 53 passes on November 8th. Moonbeam's turd filled Kookoo Train and Delta Projects can be taken down for their wasteful spending by the voters if Proposition 53 passes. Moonbeam knows his gravy train is about to derail.
While Moonbeam stumps for the defeat, the public is ready to spank him for his stupidity. Moonbeam, in his arrogance, tries to look like he's doing the public a favor by telling us that we're in for a bad deal. Moonbeam, we're not ignorant stooges! We know you're up to no good when you stump for the defeat of Proposition 53. What's wrong Moonbeam? Are you trying to silence us by blackmail? That doesn't work, Moonbeam! Keep ripping farts, Governor Moonbeam!
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