Friday, September 9, 2016

Governor Moonbeam Wants To Build A Wall…

Governor Moonbeam says he wants to build a wall around California to separate it from the rest of the nation if Donald Trump becomes President. Really Governor Moonbeam? What's the matter? Are you paranoid about your Koo Koo train getting derailed?
Did you make some dirty deals with Hildebeest in exchange for rigging the votes? What have you got to say for yourself, Governor Moonbeam?Oh really, Moonbeam & Gaffing Gavin? Tell us more…
WOW! REALLY NOW, Gaffing Gavin & Moonbeam?
Don't mind me guys, just carry on!Wow! That's juicy guys!NOW, NOW Governor Moonbeam…Uh? Governor Moonbeam…UH OH! You're in trouble now, Governor Moonbeam!


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