Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where Will Sukhee Kang Carpetbag Next

What will this piece of trash Sukhee Kang do next, now that he got his baboon's behind handed to him?  You've probably seen his repulsive mug on the site Sukhee Kang Watch, smirking like a flea ridden cat that ate your pet gerbil.  Kang Suk Hee has been known to carpet bag all over the county to feed his lust for power, and play dumb with anyone he can.
Kang Suk Hee fakes not knowing English well enough to communicate with the public,and uses that ruse to excuse himself from the tax embezzlement he did while mayor of Irvine.  Silly Suk Hee!  You just got spanked!  Where are you going to carpet bag next?  Are you headed towards the beach to carpetbag for another failed run for Congress?  This is what the folks at the blog site Sukhee Kang Watch think of you:

You've been warned Kang Suk Hee! When you drag your stinky flea ridden carcass to another city to run for office, your nasty stench will follow you.
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