Saturday, March 26, 2016

One of Michael Ramirez's Best Cartoons Ever…

This recent cartoon that Michael Ramirez recently drew for Investors Business Daily Magazine caught my attention.I've never met Michael Ramirez personally, but it turns out we have a mutual friend. Michael's sister was one of his wife's bridesmaids years ago, and our mutual friend has seen Michael Ramirez make a huge fortune with his political cartoons. Today, the day before Easter, I was talking with our mutual friend after his niece whom I've known since she was a baby got baptised. We got to talking about the recent cartoon Michael drew about 0bama and the terrorist attack on Belgium and how 0bama handled it. This one has struck some chords with liberals, angering them to the point of threatening him for telling the truth about 0bama. Even I must disagree at least slightly about this cartoon. Michael, the bubbles are coming out of the wrong end of 0bama. It should have been coming out of his tail! But other than that, it's spot on the mark!

Keep slaying the moonbats Michael Ramirez! Well done my fellow moonbat slayer!

Update! I just tweeked the cartoon.
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