Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jimmy Carter's Backhanded Endorsement For Trump

ABC News asked Jimmy Carter if he were to endorse someone for the GOP, who would he endorse. Peanuthead replied he would endorse Trump. Now why would liberal news organizations ask such a question to Peanuthead? Simple: Peanuthead's handlers gave ABC softball questions to ask him, so that he would expect them and have canned answers. How do I know this trick? I've seen this practice in a trade magazine that these political puppets use to get guests onto their talk shows. When a media source arranges an interview with a publicist, they're given a list of softball questions to further the publicist's talking points. If the media organization refuses to comply with their terms, the publicist pulls the guest from the show. The libtards wanted to plant poison into the low information voters' minds. Case closed!

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