Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Governor Moonbeam Loves Terrorists!

Moonbeam has loaded another boxload of madness onto his kookoo train to Moonbeamville: bring 10000 Syrian muslims to California! No, I don't hate Syrians, but the idea of giving ISIS a way into invading the USA doesn't sit very well with me.

Moonbeam, on the other hand, slobbered over 0bama's blubbering for Syrian muslims coming into the United States, pretending to be political refugees needing protection from rabid wacko mussies waiting to chop their heads off. Moonbeam, as usual, is as stupid as he comes.

Moonbeam continues to clown around with our safety, putting our lives at risk.

Moonbeam squanders taxes by creating a welfare state out of California.

Moonbeam, the blood of Californians killed by Muslims is on your hands.

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