Friday, March 13, 2015

Carly Fiorina Exposes Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy

Carly Fiorina has the goods on Hillary Clinton. Hillary has plenty of work ahead of her to do damage control for her run for President. Hillary can run, but she can't hide!

While the hildebeast makes up excuses over her bungling over Benghazi and using her private email address to do government business, Fiorina goes after Hildebeast's blunders. The Hildebeast's subjects cannot play the sexist card. Fiorina has become a big painful thorn in Hildebeast's side.

Poor Hitlary! What will she do to make this go away? She'll chug some brews down at one of 0bama's beer summits!

Perhaps under the influence, she will tell the truth...oh wait! She just had some plastic surgery done to her nose, courtesy of Howling Howie Dean!

Hildebeast, were you high on shrooms when you committed treason?

Lester Liberalmann's your shroom dealer? OH MY! You do know what he grows his shrooms in, don't you?

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