Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prime Minister Shinzo Anpontan Abe Is A Liberal Coward!!

Bakatare! You dimwit Abe-san! You sold out Goto-san to save your self image, rather than being a real leader with guts. You cowered behind by blustering in front of the Japanese media rather than being a real man who would have asked for help from your allies, and gotten it. SHAME ON YOU, ANPONTAN-SAN! Be a man, Abe-san, and ask for help in battling ISIS before they attack Japan and enforce Sharia on everyone, and kill our people! By the way,I got one update: Kenji Goto was a committed Christian man. He is one of the rare Japanese Christians, dedicated to saving Haruna Yukawa from a terrible death. One day, we will see him again.
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